Burnzay.com Reviews_ Don’t Buy Before Reading

Is Burnzay legit? Do you want to order from Burnzay.com? If yes, stay with us and read Burnzay reviews to know about the store if scam or legit.


About Burnzay.com

Burnzay.com also known as Burnzay club is an internet store that sells fashionable and trending shoes for men and women. What is more, the store offers all items on discounts for buyers.

Email: [email protected]


In addition, the online store accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express as the payment options. Also, their return policy is within 14 days and shipping period is within 2 to 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, read more details about this store by examining the section below.

What We found about Burnzay Website

  • Negative feedbacks detected online
  • Trust score is below the mark
  • No owner’s information provided
  • Social networking sites are not available
  • Short life expectancy domain

Kindly check the other reasons we discovered about the website below.

What You Must Watch out Before Ordering from Burnzay.com

The website Burnzay.com appears to offer different stylish shoes, but there are other variables to consider before ordering from an online store. Thus, the following points will help further if the store is legit.

Suspicious Discounts

The discount prices on the website are too good to be true. These are red flags showing that the store is only drawing attraction for shoppers. However, it is a bait and switch scam.

Contact Address Is Pirated

The store has mentioned a pirated address on its website, and this address number appears fake as it is not where it claims to be located. It is a different business and not this sham. It is suspicious as a genuine store always provide accurate information on the website. This is an indicator that it is not a reputable store.

No Social Media Presence

The site has not mentioned any social media platform on its website. Trustworthy stores always provide social networking platforms to its website for further information.

Stolen Contents Information

The store has copied most of its contents like product images from another questionable online store.

Customers’ Burnzay Reviews

Above all, reading customers’ Burnzay reviews speak more on the products, as reviews are based on real experiences that help in learning about the online store — sale services, delivery process, and product quality.

As part of the search, the shoe store has no customers’ remark on its official website. Regrettably, there are negative customers feedbacks on third party sites like ScamDoc.

DON’T ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a pair of shoes size 8 Aug. 1st, Finally, Aug. 8th I received a tracking email with 15 numbers and letters. I clicked on tracking and it took me to a website in chinese. I could not use it not knowing how to speak chinese! I waited. Aug. 18th I received a pair of size 7 [email protected]#$%^&! I sent them an email and did not receive an answer, so I contacted Paypal and the payment went to a company called Sunrise, So I sent them an email! Then received an email from a company called FERAY-HELP.ZENDESK customer service saying I would hear from them in 48 hours. I heard nothing from them. Four days later I called Paypal and they said they would refund my $58.00 dollars. I’m waiting for it to be done.


Is Burnzay Legit Or Scam?

To clarify, Is Burnzay Legit, the store has gained red flags — bad customers reviews, low trust score and high threat score. .

What to know about a questionable online store? It slashes prices to lure customers. Consequently, when they order items, they receive a complete different product or poor quality of what was ordered. Here is a bait and switch scam.

How To Outsmart Scam Online Store

Conduct an online search to cross check the website’s name, photo, location, email address and other details for legitimacy.

Verify the trust seal of the website-

In order to confirm site’s legitimacy, certificate authority (CA) has created a stamp as sign for certified sites. And, with the trust seal like Trusted site certification, shoppers can be informed of their security on the site.

Use the Google Transparency Report-

Each day Google’s safe browsing technology discovers thousands of unsafe sites and compromised sites appearing on the internet. This, you can search specific URLs to see if a site is compromised.

Check for the site’s social media presence-

Having an eye on the website’s presence on social media is another way to detect scam store. Watch out for things like copied content or recycled images, poor engagement, lack of transparency and link to malware or phishing.


Lastly, the online store sells stylish shoes for men and women. From indications, the legitimacy of the store is dubious. Therefore, buyers are advised to steer clear from this scam website as we do not recommend it.

Do you have any item from this store? Kindly write us your experience on the comment section below. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Burnzay.com Reviews_ Don’t Buy Before Reading

  1. I ordered a pair of men’s shoes from burnzay. The shoes arrived, but wrong size and poor quality. I have emailed them about a return address with no response. 3 emails but nothing. DON”T BUY FROM this company

  2. I would not recommend anyone purchase through Burnzay – they are a front marketing Chinese made shoes and products under different names. Their warranty is useless as the only way you can return a pair of shoes is to send it back to China, which costs the same as a a pair of shoes. I tried to return shoes because I wear a wide shoe (high instep) and the shoes were not wide. The only way to contact is through email and they give you the run around via a machine. I received a credit through my credit card and gave the shoes to a thrift store.

  3. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones… I ordered men’s shoes size 8.5, brown, with zipper side. They came after 3 weeks of waiting and actually do fit. But there are some caveats to this story.
    1. The shoes are reddish brown, not the color pictured.
    2. The inside cushioning is not very good, and feels more like a lumpy hard surface. I’m considering getting some Dr. Schol’s inserts.
    3. The shoe material is soft, but really stinky, as if it was made yesterday. The shoes have been airing out on the back porch for a week now… still smell strongly of leather.
    4. I will use the shoes – they are a cheap addition to my wardrobe and look nice, even with the issues I’ve mentioned. And based on what others have written, I don’t think there would be success in sending them back.

  4. Big scam. The shoes are cheap plastic manufactured overseas. The package arrived with no paperwork so you can’t send them back. After contacting them through the website, an offer was made to refund 30% of the cost and we can keep the junk they shipped. After going back and forth through e-mail several times, they finally upped the offer to a 50% refund and threatened that the cost to ship them back would cost us more time and money than the shoes were worth.

  5. Be careful of doing business with Burnzay a shoe company that sends junk shoes and then only wants to give you back less than half of the cost or send them back to china for a full refund, but it would cost more than what you paid in the first place.

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