Discord Exposed Server Scam! Avoid This Discord Server 2022

Do you use Discord server? Have you received a message asking you to join Discord Exposed Server Scam? If yes, be aware it is a scam discord server. Stay with us and read this review to know about the discord scam exposed.

Discord Exposed Server Scam: About It

Discord Exposed Server Scam is a scam server launched by hackers on July 1st, 2022. The message comes with a link claiming you have been invited to join a server. The way it works, it uses the “log in with QR code” feature pasted into the bot. Once you scan the code and grant access, it gives the hackers access to your account.

Discord Scam Exposed
Discord Exposed Server Scam

In addition, the discord server was previously called Name and Change, but hackers have branded its name to Exposed discord. Users on reddit have cautioned other members to be aware of the Exposed server scam.

Discord Exposed Server Scam: What To Do?

If you have already clicked on the link, begin right away by resetting your passwords as well as have a two factor authentication code (2FA).

Final Thoughts

Discord Exposed Server Scam is a recent scam server which is out to steal user’s information and gain access to users’ accounts. So, recipients are advised not to scan the Quick Response Code (QR) and most importantly, never click on the provided link in the message.

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