Is Theleatherlords com A Legit Store Or 100% Scam? Read To Know!


Do you want to buy Jacket from Are you considering placing order? Wondering if the store is genuine? Read this review to know everything about the online store. Is This Website Legit?

The Theleatherlords online store other wise known as is an online store that sells Puffer Jackets, Backpack, etc. Unfortunately, We research and found out some drawbacks about the store. Below are the red flags attached to the store-

5 Reasons Why Theleatherlords Is Not A Genuine Website:

Customers Complaints:

Many customers gave Theleatherlords store 1 star rating expressing their unpleasant experience with the store. Some negative reviews were left online. Below is a review by a customer-

On November 29, 2022 I purchased two ps5 gaming councils from this site. They were separate orders. Immediately after placing the order I had concerns and tried. to reach out to the company for answers. I didnt feel as though l’m dealing with a legitimate business because I attempted to cancel one of my two orders and found some alarming information. On my Afterpay receipt it listed a contact site that when called, said they have no involvement with the leather lords site and one of the numbers listed was disconnected. So I felt I have been scammed. I immediately emailed my cancellation for both orders and requested a full refund. Theleatherlords emailed me stating they would return my funds but have failed in doing so. On Dec. 9th around midnight the site was taken down 👏

By Shawndachap

Poor Customer Support:

The means of contact provided by the Theleatherlords store are fake! mails sent to the email address “[email protected]” are not replied and the phone numbers “+1 (786) 839-5154” and “+1 (786)-926-5902” are not functioning. How then can customers contact the store after placing order? This is suspicious!

Fake Business Address:

Theleatherlords provided a fake physical business address on the Contact Us Page as “2380 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States” This store is not recognized by Google map on the address. This does not look good. How then can customers locate the store in case of refund/return of goods?

Lacks Security:

There is no trust seal from Norton, McAfee etc. As a result of this, Customers financial and personal details are not secured and are vulnerable to online hackers. Beware!

No Social Media Presence:

Could it be that the people behind Theleatherlords online store are afraid of being exposed on social media plat forms? There is no social media icon provided on the website. We searched and could not find any social media page belong to the store.

Other Reasons Why You Not Should Shop From This Store Are As Follows:

Trust Score:

Theleatherlords has a very poor trust score. This red flag should not be over looked and buyers are advised to take caution and avoid getting scammed.


It is quite obvious that the items on display on this store are stolen from other websites.

Should You Buy From This Store?

No! With the above red flags, Buyers are advised not to buy from this store because after placing order, There is high tendency of not receiving any product and or you will receive a low quality goods. Online scammers are known to be using cheap discount prices to get customers. This is simply an example of bait and switch scam.

How Can You Check If An Online Store Is Legit?

  • Customers Reviews
  • Domain Registration Details
  • Security Of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Discount Offer
  • Business Address/contact

Things To Note While Shopping Online:

Receiving Of Low Quality/Inferior Product:

While shopping online, you should be careful not to fall into the hands of these fraud star.

Not Receiving Product:

It is no news that online scammers tends to lure buyers by offering low prices and high discount rate and after order has been made, customers will end up not receiving goods they have paid for.

Hacking Of Credit Card:

Credit card details are prone to being hacked by these fraudulent online stores. Sometimes you pay double the amount of the goods or you get debited for a product you did you order.


From our findings,, just like other online stores we have reviewed are not trustworthy online stores. As a result of this, We cannot vouch for its authenticity. Hence, customers are advise to tread with caution.

According to FTC, fraudulent online stores is one of the most reported fraud categories in 2022. Reports online show that more than one thousand persons fall prey to this kind of scam monthly. This is as a result of unchecked advertising on social media, cheap prices, and unsecured payment systems.

If you’ve fallen prey to this kind of scam, kindly contact your bank for a chargeback.

Meanwhile, have you shopped from this online store? Was your experience pleasant or sour? Please let us know in the comment section.

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