Prevagen Reviews: Does This Product Really Improve The Memory?

Prevagen is an over the counter supplement for health brain function and memory improvement. Are you wondering if the product is legit or scam? This review is an eye opener for you to make the right decision.


What Is Prevagen?

Prevagen claims to be formulated with apoaequorin, which was originally discovered in jellyfish. Apoaequorin is alleged to be safe and unique supports the brain.

Benefits Of Prevagen:

  • Healthy brain function
  • Sharper mind
  • Clearer thinking

Things To Know About Prevagen Brain Improver:

Customers Complaint:

Crepe Erase has positive reviews online. It has 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

False Advert:

Customers complained that the Brain improver does not work at all. Below is a review by a customer-

Lies, lies. This doesn’t work ! Who are you fooling? I tried it for 6 months, I didn’t see or feel any change.

By Olivia Matsuyama

Does Not Work:

On the official page of Clarifion, It was advertised that the product works perfectly well but unfortunately it is not so. Below is a review by a customer-

Based on other reviews, I expected to see a difference in memory and concentration in 30 days. This stuff is not worth the money.


No option for Customers Review:

On the official page of the website, there is no accommodation where customers can drop reviews. A customer made review on it-

It gave me headaches and heart palpitations. It did nothing to improve memory. The company made no accommodation to my complaint.

By D and M Shapiro

Does Prevagen Brain Improver Really Work?

Base on our research and reviews made by customers who have used the product, It clearly shows that it does not work as it claims. It is not as effective as it was advertised on the official website.


Prevagen has good trust. Although, It cannot be recommended by us. Just like products like Hurricane. Gogo AC, Bionic Spot Light. Customers are advised to make thorough research before placing order. Have you used this brain improver? You can share you experience in the comment. Or do you know a better product? Also share with us on the comment section.

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