Scam Reviews: Earn Money At Home Website!!

Are you an online job seeker? Have you heard of the trending job offer on According to it’s official website it does not require any job experience. Do you think this job offer is genuine? Are you considering giving it a try? Read this review to know everything about the Brickpo Job offer.

Brickpo Website Is This Website Legit?

The Brickpo site is an Indian owned website that you can earn from by just completing simple task. money if they engage with these fake opportunities. The work from home job offer which include web design projects to content writing assignments and even accounting duties They claim to be able to do it all.

5 Reasons Why Brickpo Job Offer Is Fake:

The Job Role Seems Too Good To Be True:

 The earnings is exceptionally high or senior position offered despite applicant’s experience and qualification. Beware! Don’t fall victim.

Negative Reviews Online:

There are many negative reviews online about and as a result it has poor trust score? This is suspicious!

No Job Experience Required:

A reputable company will always seek for employee with job experience to increase effectiveness and efficiency. This is suspicious!

No Means Of Contact:

There is no email address or phone number on Brickpo website. Does this not look suspicious? It surely looks to good to be true.

Requests For Personal details upfront:

Asking for private info early in the process is a major red flag. Don’t be deceived!

Claimed Benefits:

  • Join Brickpoand Find the Best Opportunity that Suits Your Interest.
  •  No Special Knowledge For Get Job From Home.
  •  Easily Sign-up with your email address.
  •  Your talent is yours. Make it work for you.
  •  No Entry Fee Or Registration Fee To Connect With Us.

Should You Give It A Try?

No! With the above red flags, online users are advised not to follow any instruction given on the website. Online scammers are known to be using cheap discount prices to get customers. This is simply an example of bait and switch scam.

Other Benefits

  • Find Work From Anywhere
  • Work from Anywhere for Any Company That Offer Job Opportunities.
  • Minimum Working Hours
  • Explore the Best Job with Minimum Working Hours from workhoo.
  • Signup Or Register
  • Easily Enter Your Details and Signup. You’re now all set to start job from home after apply.

How Can You Check If An Online Store Is Legit?

  • Customers Reviews
  • Domain Registration Details
  • Security Of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Discount Offer
  • Business Address/contact

Things You Should Be Conscious Of About Online Job Offers:

  • Scrutinize email addresses and domains in correspondence to ensure legitimacy.
  • Avoid sharing personal info like banking details with recruiters upfront.
  • Conduct video interviews only via official company tools – never chat or email.
  • Watch for high pressure tactics urging urgent response or transfers.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Exercise caution.
  • Report any suspected scam attempts so they can act to get them shutdown.

Unfortunately, large prominent brands like Brickpo are often targets for these kind of phishing scams aiming to exploit job seekers. However, understanding common tactics the fraudsters use and acting cautiously when interacting with potential employers online can help protect against compromising your personal data or money.


Exercising caution and awareness when interacting with unknown parties claiming to represent reputable companies can help job seekers avoid the pitfalls of employment scams. Brickpo recommends verified opportunities be explored only through their official careers site and recruiter communications. Have fallen into this scam or similar scam? Do well to share your experience with us in the comment section. Read here for similar reviews. Scam Reviews: Earn Money At Home Website!!

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