Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Reviews 2022 – Genuine Product?

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Reviews
Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Reviews

Do you battle with mosquitoes and bugs? Do you want to buy the Buzbug Mosquito Zapper to get rid of them? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about this Buzbug.

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper: What is it?

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper is a product that claims to solve your mosquito problem effortlessly. It comes with a 12W high-intensity ultraviolet bulb with a wavelength of 365nm. With those, it lures mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, etc., and then eliminate them immediately and efficiently.

In addition, with the 0.3-inch spacing safety grid, this fly zapper can effectively protect you against any mistaken touch from your children and pets. In case of outdoor use, it comes with a hanging ring and weather proof design to trap mosquitoes.

While the product appears legit, this review is for you to know if the product is worth buying or not. More so, this review will expose all that is needed to know about this product.

See features, uses, benefits and setbacks.


  • Material: Metal
  • Item weight: 660 Grams
  • Uses electric
  • heavy UV light

How To Use Buzbug Mosquito Zapper

The Buzbug Mosquito Zapper can be easy to use by taking it out and place it in an open area. With the UV light, it lures mosquitoes and other biting insects to the electric zapper.


  1. Easy to clean
  2. It comes with an electrical grid
  3. Chemical free
  4. Weatherproof
  5. Suitable for daily use


  • It is too pricey
  • Some customers are not satisfied with the product

Does Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Really Work?

Buzbug Mosquito Zapper has gained a 4.3ratings out of 5, showing that most customers are pleased with the product while some are not.

See what some customers have to say:

Great for the money. Works great. Can hear loud snap when bugs get zapped. Blue light is bright and great for lighting patio.


I love hearing the ZAP, ZAP, ZAP! This kills so many bugs, I don’t know how we lived without it before. It is easy to clean and isn’t an eyesore in our barn. I would definitely order it again. 5 stars!


Should You Buy This Buzbug Mosquito Zapper? (My Opinion)

Honestly, this Buzbug zapper has done well for me by saving me from mosquitoes’ bite unlike other similar products I have tried. It was very easy to set up with a simple design. Whenever, they came close to it, I did zap. Overall, the product was worth buying.

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Buzbug Mosquito Zapper Reviews 2022 – Genuine Product?

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