Reviews 2022: Is This Sandals Store Legit Or Scam? Find Out!

Do you want to buy Shoes from Are you considering placing order? Wondering if the store is genuine? Read this review to know everything about the online store.

Clarksandals Website Is This Website Legit?

Clarksandals other wise known as is an online store that sells Men and Women shoes at suspicious discount prices. Unfortunately, We research and found out some drawbacks about the store. Below are the red flags attached to the store-

5 Reasons Why Clarksandals Is Not A Genuine Website:

Poor Customer Support:

The only means of contact on Clarksandals website is the email address “[email protected]” Mails sent to the address are not replied. No phone number. How then can customers contact the store after placing order? This is suspicious!

No Business Address:

Clarksandals online store did not provided a physical business address. This does not look good. How then can customers locate the store in case of refund/return of goods?

Lacks Security:

There is no trust seal from Norton, McAfee etc. As a result of this, Customers financial and personal details are not secured and are vulnerable to online hackers. Beware!

No Social Media Presence:

Don’t you think that the people behind Clarksandals shop online store are afraid of being exposed on social media plat forms? There social media icon on the website does not lead to its official social media page. We searched and could not find any official social media page belonging to the store. Beware!

Website Age:

According to ICANN Lookup ( a domain checker), This website was registered on 28 July 2022. This means that the website was recently created and has not passed the test of time. Newly registered websites can’t be vouched for as there is no previous history. Also, Online scammers uses newly created websites in their fraudulent practices.


From our findings,, just like Shinesapparel, Bizbuy, Dannshoes, Malvos, Movidaco are not trustworthy online stores. As a result of this, we cannot vouch for its authenticity. Hence, customers are advise to tread with caution.

According to FTC, fraudulent online stores is one of the most reported fraud categories in 2022. Reports online show that more than one thousand persons fall prey to this kind of scam monthly. This is as a result of unchecked advertising on social media, cheap prices, and unsecured payment systems.

If you’ve fallen prey to this kind of scam, kindly contact your bank for a chargeback.

Meanwhile, have you shopped from this online store? Was your experience pleasant or sour? Please let us know in the comment section. Reviews 2022: Is This Sandals Store Legit Or Scam? Find Out!

4 thoughts on “ Reviews 2022: Is This Sandals Store Legit Or Scam? Find Out!

  1. I too ell prey…. Ordered 3 pr of shoes. Got them… looked good… however after wearing a pair for 5 hours… the hoe broke. I sent for a return tag but have not heard from them,,, at all. sent 2 emails…. feeling stupid. going to flood their email with many many emails just to aggravate them… maybe I will feel a little better.

  2. I ordered a pair of boots from this site 8th Feb and they have not arrived. I contacted them but have had no response. The money was taken by a zedongxinxi – Chinese company. As I paid through paypal I will get my money back.

  3. i stupidly bought online shoes having vowed never to do it again and they were plastic rubbish, crushed to hell by poor packaging. Ive put them staright in the charity shop pile

  4. I ordered boots and they are too big so have been trying to return them to exchange and cannot get in touch with the company. Now after reading all these comments I find they are not legit to deal with. I will never do this again!

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