Egg Pod Reviews 2022: Does This Microwave For Egg Really Work?

Do you want buy Egg pod? Are you wondering whether this wireless microwave is worth your money? This honest review is an eye opener that will help you make the right decision.

Egg Pod
Egg Pod microwave cooker

How Does Egg Pod work?

Egg pod is a wireless microwave cooker that enable you to boil your egg on your microwave. Egg pod enables you cook egg on your microwave within minutes!

As advertised on its official website, Is the microwave egg cooker that does all the work for you. It perfectly cooks eggs and detach the shell for you and very easy to use.

This products seem perfect right? Read more to know about everything about Egg pod.

Benefits And Features:

  • Microwave Egg Cooker and Peeler cooks and peels hard boiled eggs
  • Uses the Power of the Microwave to steam perfectly hard boiled eggs
  • Unique Design peels cooked eggs for you in seconds
  • Space saving design for compact storage
  • BPA Free Plastic

How To Use Egg Pod:

  • Simple Add Water
  • Place Your Eggs
  • Cook In The Microwave
  • Shake The Egg Pod And The Shell Slides Right Off

Things We Like:

  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Does Not Occupy Use
  • Time Saving

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Some negative reviews
  • Very Small

Does Egg Pod Really Work?

Base on our research made, This Microwave egg cooker has more of positive reviews on Amazon with 4.2 star rating. Egg pod is an easy to use cooker for boiling egg.


Egg pod egg cooker is a Bisphenol A free plastic that cooks and peels hard boils eggs. Base on the reviews made by customers, This product with its unique features is may be potentially dangerous.

Have you purchased Egg Pod? Or similar product? Kindly share your experience with us on the comment section.

Egg Pod Reviews 2022: Does This Microwave For Egg Really Work?

One thought on “Egg Pod Reviews 2022: Does This Microwave For Egg Really Work?

  1. the first time I used the egg pod,the glass on the turntable got extremely hot and cracked the glass. I now have to buy a new microwave and I am afraid to use it in the new microwave.

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