Floredavil Reviews 2022- Genuine Online Store?

Buyers beware! Floredavil.com is not a legit online store. Read this Floredavil reviews to find out and also make the right shopping decision.

About Floredavil.com Website

Floredavil also called Floredavil.com is an online website that sells on different products such as tools kit, panel, roller cabinet and much more. What’s more, the store offers items at affordable prices and free shipping on order. Below are their details —

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 573-326-4274

Floredavil Reviews
Floredavil Reviews

More so, payment on order is made with any of the major payment options. Also, their return policy is within 30 days and shipment period is 5 to 10 days.

Why You Should not Buy From Floredavil.com

The website Floredavil.com appears to offer different mechanical tools, but other variables are to be considered before ordering here. Thus, the following points will help further.

Contact Address Is Pirated

The site has mentioned a pirated address “624 Cedar Hill Rd, Ambler, PA 19002” on its website, and this address number appears fake as it is not where it claims to be located. It is a different business and not this sham. An indicator that should not be taken for granted.

Unresponsive Contact Number

The contact number on the website is not responsive as it is just another way to look trustworthy. They cannot be contacted via the phone line if there is a complaint.

Inactive Social Media Icons

The site has mentioned popular social media icons on its website. But, clicking on the provided icons, you will be thrown to an empty link. Too bad for a so-called internet shop!

Buyers’ Floredavil Reviews

Sadly, buyers who placed orders have confirmed the outrageously cheap prices are too good to be true. They have warned buyers to stay away.

Prices are too good to be true. Spelling (waht?) and punctuation are rudimentary at best. Only want payment with PayPal. Forget to include Sales Tax. Stay away.


How To Outsmart Scam Online Store

Conduct an online search to cross check the website’s name, photo, location, email address and other details for legitimacy.

Verify the trust seal of the website-

In order to confirm site’s legitimacy, certificate authority (CA) has created a stamp as sign for certified sites. And, with the trust seal like Trusted site certification, shoppers can be informed of their security on the site.

Use the Google Transparency Report-

Each day Google’s safe browsing technology discovers thousands of unsafe sites and compromised sites appearing on the internet. This, you can search specific URLs to see if a site is compromised.

Check for the site’s social media presence-

Having an eye on the website’s presence on social media is another way to detect scam store. Watch out for things like copied content or recycled images, poor engagement, lack of transparency and link to malware or phishing.


The Floredavil shop sells variety of tool kits at a click. Even so, it is not a trustworthy store as it uses pirated contact address and cheap prices to lure buyers. Not a reliable store! Beware

Have you shopped from this ecommerce store before? Please write us your experience on the comment section. Thank you.

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More Resources:

If you have been scammed by an online retail store, file a report with the FTC and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Or,

Contact your credit card company or payment platform to report fraudulent online stores.

Floredavil Reviews 2022- Genuine Online Store?

3 thoughts on “Floredavil Reviews 2022- Genuine Online Store?

  1. Floredavil is a very poor choice for ordering stuff from. I ordered a glass cabinet over a month ago and they still have not shipped it yet. You try to get ahold of them and they don’t answer your emails

    1. This website seems to be a scam. The area code “573” is located in Missouri but on their website it says it is in Pennsylvania. If you call the phone number they provide you get, “We couldn’t complete your call.” Very suspicious! I had found their website while doing a search for an AirDream air mattress. It retails for over $300.00 but they are selling it for $60.00. This is too good to be true. Allison, did you ever receive your glass cabinet?

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