Hashosh Reviews 2022: Legit Store Or 100% Scam? Find Out!

Do you want to shop from Hashosh.store? Are you considering placing order? Wondering if the store is genuine? Read this review to know everything about the online store.

Hashosh Website

Hashosh.shop: Is This Website Legit?

Hashosh is online store other wise known as Hashosh.shop is an online store that sells variety of items like LED Pool Light, Crystal Hair Eraser, etc. Unfortunately, We research and found out some drawbacks about the store. Below are the red flags attached to the store-

4 Reasons Why Hashosh Is Not A Genuine Website:

Poor Customer Support:

There is no means of contact provided on the Contact Us page of Hashosh store website. How then can customers contact the store after placing order? This is suspicious!

No Business Address:

Hashosh online store failed to provide physical business address on the Contact Us page. This does not look good. How then can customers locate the store in case of refund/return of goods?

Lacks Security:

There is no trust seal from Norton, McAfee etc. As a result of this, Customers financial and personal details are not secured and are vulnerable to online hackers. Beware!

No Social Media Presence:

It is obvious that the people behind Latatacart online store are afraid of being exposed on social media plat forms? There is no social media icons provided on the website. We searched and could not find any official social media page belonging to the store.

Other Reasons Why You Not Should Shop From This Store Are As Follows:

Trust Score:

Hashosh store has a very poor trust score. This red flag should not be over looked and buyers are advised to take caution and avoid getting scammed.


It is quiet observe that this store are displaying stole.

Should You Buy From This Store?

No! After placing order, There is high tendency of not receiving any product and or you will receive a low quality goods.

Things To Check Out To Know If An Online Store Is Legitimate:

  • Customers Reviews
  • Domain Registration Details
  • Security Of Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Business Address/contact


From our findings, Hashosh.store, just like other online stores we have reviewed are not trustworthy online stores. As a result of this, We cannot vouch for its authenticity. Hence, customers are advise to tread with caution.

According to FTC, fraudulent online stores is one of the most reported fraud categories in 2022. Reports online show that more than one thousand persons fall prey to this kind of scam monthly. This is as a result of unchecked advertising on social media, cheap prices, and unsecured payment systems.

If you’ve fallen prey to this kind of scam, kindly contact your bank for a chargeback.

Meanwhile, have you shopped from this online store? Was your experience pleasant or sour? Please let us know in the comment section.

Hashosh Reviews 2022: Legit Store Or 100% Scam? Find Out!

18 thoughts on “Hashosh Reviews 2022: Legit Store Or 100% Scam? Find Out!

  1. I ordered an item from this store some time ago andI also paid for a priority despatch. Since then I have heard nothing and received nothing. No answers to emails no response.

    1. ITS A SCAM!!!
      i ordered a laser engraver and got a worthless purse, after numerous emails where they stated i had to return the purse first before they would entertain returning only a percentage of the money i paid, plus i had to return the product at my expense.
      i finally called my credit card company reported the fraud and scam, they refunded me my money within two days!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately I fell into their trap I ordered a laser engraver/cutter I received a necklace not even a very nice one it was a square and a circle on a sink plug chain

    1. i did exactly the same, numerous emails, they tried to fob me off with a percentage.
      I called my credit company and got the total reimbursed when i told my cc it was a fraud and scam

  3. I ordered a product from Hashosh in mid Nov. Using their tracking site, I tracked the package from it’s origin in China to Los Angeles customs. A few days later on the tracking sight I get a notice that there is no record of my order. At the bottom of my receipt there is note that states any question, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected] which gives you a notice that message failed I am pretty sure I’ve been scammed out $49.98.

    1. call your credit card company, tell them it was a scam and they should refund you, i got my money bback within a couple of days

  4. I also ordered from this store when tracking the package it says sorry order not found . But the cash was debited from my account. This I’d definitely a scam store

  5. I ordered 2 different products a few days apart and I received eventually 2 sink stopper chain type ugly necklaces, but with no senders’ information. Based on reading previous replies here I’ve concluded that Hashosh is the guilty party.

  6. My husband ordered the engraver, did research after paying for it and tried to cancel the order. He asked me to dispute it through our American Express. I did do that and was refunded. AE stated that if they hear from the seller, things could change. I just received a handbag from them. I contacted them through the email and told them if they wanted their handbag back, they would have to send me postage first.

    1. So did I. I have been complaining to them at this email: [email protected]. They have asked me to return the ugly purse and then they will refund or they can refund me 60% of purchase price if I choose to keep the purse. I have replied no way you scamming chinese bastards give me my money and if you want the purse send me a reply paid envelope. Emails continue!

  7. J’ai commandé en décembre, j’ai eu un courriel que ma commande était en chemin, et depuis je n’ai rien recu et pas d’autre message non plus.
    Je l’ai payé avec ma carte de crédit.
    Est-ce que je peux me faire rembourser

  8. Yep. I ordered the inflatable bed and received the cruddy clutch purse too. I have sent them a nasty email using harsh words.

  9. Ordered the laser engraver and got a cheap necklace. They have lifted the pictures/videos from a genuine advert for a laser engraver that costs £1500. So I am out of pocket nearly £50. Great! Pinterest should be held to account. Hashosh advertise on their platform so everyone should try and contact Pinterest. I had a tentative look but couldn’t find out how to complain to Pinterest. Probably another thieving Chinese company. Hashosh have some sort of warehouse in the Ipswich area. I did find an address from the delivery label on my necklace. Too fed up to even bother driving over there and to end up threatening some warehouse nobody(and probably end up getting arrested for my troubles)!


  11. I oder Self inflating mattress back in December and very received but you toke my money have lift several massage youdo not
    turned my massage all you do was take
    My money

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