Reviews 2022: Is This Crypto Website Legit? Find Out!

This website is located at It is one of the trending scam USDT or cryptocurrency trading platform. Online users are advised not to visit the website let alone create account.

Lbeth How The Website works

The Lbeth scam website that is located at is a fake cryptocurrency websites that is used by online scammers to trick online users by tricking online users to create an account and invest. Unfortunately, After investment have been made on Top targets, Users are unable to withdraw their money. The cyber criminals promises high return on investment but it’s only a fantasy to lure their victims into investing their money. Beware! Do not be deceived.

If the return on investment looks too good to be true, it is definitely not true. Remember the popular saying that if looks too good then it is not true.

Investors who have fall pry this scam investment platform left reviews online. Below is a review by a one of the victims of Lbeth scam website-

Be cautious, it‘s fraught! They claim to be an crypto exchange platform for trading crypto currencies. They offer a wallet where you can transfer funds to. It works fine until you withdraw crypto coins. Then they block you and extort even more money to free your funds. I lost more than 20000€ by this crypto fraught.

By Akoglin


From our research, It is is obvious that Lbeth is not a genuine investment website just like usdtqmark, usdtkcoin, ustdlonim, Polarisbitlimited, Uschltd, Cryptomip. Online users are advised not to visit or invest on the website. Have you invested on Top target website or similar website? Do well to share your experience with us on the comment section. Reviews 2022: Is This Crypto Website Legit? Find Out!

One thought on “ Reviews 2022: Is This Crypto Website Legit? Find Out!

  1. Unfortunately, I was scammed by this site because I did not read the comments here in time and did not do enough research.

    A person whose WhatsApp profile is a Japanese woman(She said her name Chiyo Matsumoto) wrote to me as if she was writing to someone else. Then she said that she would have misregistered the phone and apologized. Then she met me. She said that she would come to Turkey soon, taking advantage of men’s weaknesses, and that she would open a factory where she earned more than crypto money.

    After chatting for a while, she made me invest in crypto money by opening an account on, which she claimed to be a private and confidential site, through biance tr company in Turkey.

    She said that is a confidential site that is traded only in the primary markets and that no one knows yet. He even said that his uncle was an important name at the beginning of Japanese or financial matters, and the tip came from her.

    Even though I was skeptical of what he said, I deposited 200 USD. I thought that if it went down, it would go down that much. But then, when he saw that the money was increasing rapidly and could be transferred from site to, the reliable national site in Turkey, he got excited.

    I transferred another 1200 USD. I even asked her to borrow 1,000 USD to see if the girl was a scammer.

    When the girl sent the money, I was ashamed that I suspected her.

    By the way, the girl asked me how much money I can deposit, that she is a financial teacher. I said all my money is 17,000 USD. The BNBP crypto money she bought me increased 15 times in 1 month as she said. He advised me that it would increase 3 times more and that I should deposit it as soon as possible.

    I acted cautiously, thinking that everything this girl said might be a lie and that she could defraud me. I was expecting something like the site was closed, under renovation. Or I was waiting for a move like she would send me a team or ask for my password.

    After more than a month, the girl got so bored of our empty conversations that she realized that no more money would come out of me, so she decided to put the last point.

    I couldn’t imagine how the girl is a man of the site and they are acting together. I tried to withdraw some of my money from the site and I could not withdraw it. Then I tried less, then even less, but I got a warning that I could not withdraw for security reasons.

    The site also wanted money to get a security certificate. That’s when I realized that I had been scammed.

    I think it’s an international gang. I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone.

    For your investigation,

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