M.ldaxrp com Crypto Platform Reviews 2022: Scam!! Beware!

This website is located at M.ldaxrp.com It is one of the trending scam USDT or cryptocurrency trading platform. Online users are advised not to visit the website let alone create account.

M.ldaxrp Website

M.ldaxrp.com: How The Website works

The M.ldaxrp scam website that is located at M.ldaxrp.com is a fake cryptocurrency websites that is used by online scammers to trick online users by tricking online users to create an account and invest. Unfortunately, After investment have been made on M.ldaxrp com, Users are unable to withdraw their money. The cyber criminals promises high return on investment but it’s only a fantasy to lure their victims into investing their money. Beware! Do not be deceived.

If the return on investment looks too good to be true, it is definitely not true. Remember the popular saying that if looks too good then it is not true.

How To Check Fake Crypto Website Website:

  • Check Domain Registration Details
  • Customers Reviews
  • Check The Withdrawal Pattern
  • Return On Investment

Investors who have fall pry this scam investment platform left reviews online. Below is a review by a one of the victims of M.ldaxrp scam website-

They forced me to deposit more than 3,000 usdt (5% to pay some tax) to my account, and then withdraw the money. Meanwhile, they say: can’t stunt from your current account (I have more than 61,000 usdt in my account).
Obviously a scam, I also looked at the reviews on scam adviser which had the same case as me.

First time I heard that cryptocurrency is taxed on the floor haha, it’s common these days that exchanges only charge fees per transaction.

This website is only 2 months old with very little information, and designed by Chinese people, upgrading to VIP is free but still gets 180 usdt vip1, vip6 gets 6,000 usdt.
Everyone be careful.

After then, they has been deleted my account.

By Hokai


From our research, It is is obvious that M.ldaxrp.com is not a genuine investment website just like usdtqmark, usdtkcoin, ustdlonim, Polarisbitlimited, Uschltd, Cryptomip. Online users are advised not to visit or invest on the website. Have you invested on this website or similar website? Do well to share your experience with us on the comment section.

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