Order For Devon And Claire Beds Scam Text Reviews 2022: Scam!! Beware!

Did you receive the trending Devon And Claire text that that claims that and order for Devon and claire was made? Beware it’s a scam text message sent with the aim of defrauding recipients. It may contain scam link that leads to a phishing website were recipients personal and financial details are stolen and used used fraudulently.

Do you want to find out if this text is scam or legit? This review exposes why you should be cautious.

Devon And Claire

Devon And Claire: How Does It Work?

The trending Devon And Claire scam email text is sent by online scammers with the aim of defrauding recipients. The scam text claims that an order for Devon And Claire beds was placed and an amount of of $417 will be auto charged from your Visa/card. The text then tell potential victims to call +18778101041 to cancel the purchase if it was not made by them. Unfortunately, when recipients contact the number, instructions will be made with the aim of stealing recipient’s financial and personal details and these information are used fraudulently.

Beware! Don’t be deceived! To avoid being scammed, recipients are advised not to click on the link, delete the text and block the sender.

The link contains spywares, malwares, viruses, that are harmful to your device and can hack and destroy your systems.

Why Is The Devon and Claire Beds Text A Scam?

The text sometimes come with a phishing link that may contain spywares, malwares, viruses. Beware! This is how the scammers behind the fake text tends to trick their potential victims into clicking on the scam link or calling a certain phone number and gain access into your device. Beware! Don’t be deceived.

Scam Text Format:

0rder Placed #AMN-TK306868 for Devon & Claire Beds, amount of $417 will be auto charged from your Visa/card. Contact +18778101041 If you haven’t made a purchase

Some people might think that the text is legit and may fall victim. It is a phish text. Inform family and friends so they don’t fall prey to this fraudulent practice.

Things You Should Take Note Of To Avoid Phishing Scammers?

Disclosing Of Financial/Personal Details:

You should note that no legitimate online bank/website will not ask for your personal or financial information.

Online users are advised not to click on any suspicious links on text/emails. Online scammers are known for sending text with phishing links were recipients information are stolen and used fraudulently.

Calling Customer Service:

Some phishing text tells you that your account has been blocked/suspended and instruct you to call a certain telephone number for support. Beware it’s a scam! With the aim of gaining access into your device.


From our research, It is clearly obvious that the “The Devon and Claire Beds ” is a scam text just like many other phishing scams we have reviewed that leads recipients to a phishing website. Recipients are advised not to click on the link and to delete the text. If you have received this Text or similar text, do well to share your experience in the comment section.

Order For Devon And Claire Beds Scam Text Reviews 2022: Scam!! Beware!

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