Temu Reviews- Temu Scam 100% Or Genuine? See Details

Temu Reviews

Temu genuine or another scam? See detailed reviews to know all about this website before ordering.

In this post, you are assured to get a helpful review to support your shopping decision before buying from any internet store disguising to be genuine.


Temu also called Temu.com is a viral online store that deals on different items for shoppers. The store offers items at affordable prices and free shipping on all orders.

See website’s details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 18884808368

Address: Suite 355, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA

Further, the online store accepts your Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Cash delivery as the payment options. In addition, return policy is stated 90 days and 7 to 15 days shipping period .

See section below —

Some Uncovering Truths about Temu.com

  • Mixed feedbacks detected online
  • The trust score of the store is poor
  • Owner’s information is not available
  • The domain name is very recent
  • Social media connections are not linked to the website

Why Temu.com Is a Suspicious Internet Store

First of, Temu.com appears to offer different items, but there are other variables to consider before ordering from an online store. Thus, the following points will help further.

Suspicious Discounts

The prices on Temu.com website are too good to be true. These are red flags showing that the store is only drawing attraction for shoppers. However, it is a bait and switch scam.

Sham Content Information

Temu has copied most of its contents, like return policy and product images from another questionable online store. This, you will find among scam store with the aim to appear legit.

Customers’ Complaints

Reviews are based on real experiences that help in learning about the online store — sale services, delivery process, and product quality.

Temu.com has gained mixed customers’ feedbacks and a rating of 3.4 out of 5. Most buyers have complained about the poor customer support, inferior items and undelivered items from the website. While some customers are pleased with the site.

See What Buyers Have to Say on TrustPilot:

Do not ever buy anything from Temu. Because the items taking forever to ship. Even they shipped out and never arrived to your address. Also, customer service are absolutely, terrible too. Better going back to Amazon even they cost more but, much better.

Roy Lam

So disapointed. Really just junk. Poorly made, plastic junk. I held off on submitting a second order until my first order came. Wanted to see what i was getting for such low prices. Low quality is what you get. So sorry i waisted my hard earned money on this company.


How To Outsmart Scam Online Store

Conduct an online search to cross check the website’s name, photo, location, email address and other details for legitimacy.

Verify the trust seal of the website-

In order to confirm site’s legitimacy, certificate authority (CA) has created a stamp as sign for certified sites. And, with the trust seal like Trusted site certification, shoppers can be informed of their security on the site.

Use the Google Transparency Report-

Each day Google’s safe browsing technology discovers thousands of unsafe sites and compromised sites appearing on the internet. This, you can search specific URLs to see if a site is compromised.

Check for the site’s social media presence-

Having an eye on the website’s presence on social media is another way to detect scam store. Watch out for things like copied content or recycled images, poor engagement, lack of transparency and link to malware or phishing.


Temu located at Temu.com claims to sell variety of products for shoppers. From all indications, the online store is not a genuine website to place order as its red flags are similar to these stores detected online Skylsinkte Silkwun, Betinee Toyevs Gohaden Heltiger. Beware! Don’t place high expectation on this website.

Have you purchased from this store before? Please write us your experience on the comment section below. Thank you.

Have you been scammed? Do this!

If you have been scammed by an online retail store, file a report with the FTC and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. Or,

Contact your credit card company or payment platform to report fraudulent online stores.

8 thoughts on “Temu Reviews- Temu Scam 100% Or Genuine? See Details

  1. I have ordered from TEMU. Everything was great, except the last thing I ordered. It was a wall hanging or tablecloth. It has pictures on it – the quality is SO BAD you can’t even tell what the figures are supposed to be. I have been in contact with them with absolutely no response. I will contact my card company and dispute the charge. I have given them 3 weeks and numerous emails with no luck. I will NEVER order from them again!

  2. Don’t even order from them. I ordered a nice winter coat from them, when it came the stitching under the arm was a undone and the outside of the coat had marks om them. I ordered a large, I weigh 180 lbs and the jacket was so small I could not button it up. Word of warning, don’t bother with them. P>S> MADE IN CHINA

  3. I shopped on Temu for the holidays, and everything was ok and then I shopped again, and they canceled my order for no good reason at all. I sent my id and pictures of me and even my credit card and reorder my stuff and they canceled my order again and I have yet to get my money back. Temu socks. I did not get my last 2 orders and I am not pleased about that and the fact that they canceled my order.

  4. Many Chinese online shopping products are copied from S. Korean products. Such as Temu, yestyle are copies of S. Korean products.

  5. I have never had any problems with TEMU. Their product is exactly as shown. I am so happy there is a site I can shop & can afford. I would recommend buying from them.

  6. I ordered a few times and never had a problem. Super good price guys. Nothing to complain. It helped me to get things I wanted but couldn’t afford on Amazon. I’m all in

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