The United Refund Scam Text To Call (855-352-0809 Or 8553520809)

Did you receive the trending Union Refund telephone number scam call that claims to be from Kenneth Davis from United Airlines? Beware it’s a scam text message that leads to a phishing website were recipients personal and financial details are stolen and used used fraudulently.

Do you want to find out if this text is scam or legit? This review exposes why you should be cautious.

855-352-0809 Or 8553520809

Call From Unions Refund: How Does It Work?

The trending Unions call Refund scam call is made by online scammers with the aim of defrauding recipients. The call claims to be from Kenneth city unions. The sender has one motive which is to steal receiver’s personal details, credentials and financial data.

The telephone call below from a so called Kenneth city at “Union Refunds”, asking potential victims to call back 855-352-0809 Or 8553520809, is a scam. The call came from 855-352-0809, a telephone number in Whitesboro, Texas. If you receive the same call, please do not disclose your personal or financial information, hang up, and do not call back the telephone number they ask you to call.

Beware! Don’t be deceived! To avoid being scammed, recipients are advised not to click on the link, delete the text and block the sender.

The link contains spywares, malwares, viruses, that are harmful to your device and can hack and destroy your systems.

Scam Text Format:

“Hi this is Kenneth City unions refund phone number is 855-352-0809, again phone number 855-352-0809. We still see here that your business should be entitled to retroactive we claim the W2 employees you had on payroll during 2020 2021 if you have a few minutes we can update you with the total refund amount going back to your business as well as the time frame you would be receiving”

Why Is Unions Refund Text To Call 855-352-0809 Or 8553520809 A Scam?

The Unions Refund 855-352-0809 Or 8553520809 scam call may claims that your debit card has been blocked comes with a phishing link that may contain spywares, malwares, viruses, that are harmful to your device. But, this is how the scammers behind the fake email trick their potential victims into clicking on the scam link. Beware! Don’t be deceived.

Some people might think that the text is legit and may fall victim. It is a phish text. Inform family and friends so they don’t fall prey to this fraudulent practice.


From our research, It is clearly obvious that the ” 855-352-0809 Or 8553520809″ is a scam text just like Tipping Point Technology Ltd, Venmo, +18556120671, many other phishing scams we have reviewed that leads recipients to a phishing website. Recipients are advised not to click on the link and to delete the text. If you have received this Text or similar text, do well to share your experience in the comment section.

The United Refund Scam Text To Call (855-352-0809 Or 8553520809)

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