Beware Of The Wells Fargo Account Email!! It’s Not Genuine! (Reviews 2023)

Did you receive the trending The Wells Fargo Account text that claims that The Wells Fargo Account is on hold Beware! it’s a scam text. It is sent by online scammers. The cyber criminal tends to ask potential victim to call the number and then asked to follow some instructions.

Do you want to find out if this text is scam or legit? This review exposes why you should be cautious.

 Wells Fargo Account

The Wells Fargo Account ​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌​‌Scam Text: What Is It?

A scam text is going around claiming that you Wells Fargo Account is on hold because of a recent security threat and tells you to visit a scam website with a link provided on the website.

The Wells Online Alert text scam below has a link to a phishing website that steals account credentials, personal, or financial information that will be used fraudulently. Therefore, recipients are asked not to click the link in the Wells Alert scam text or follow the instructions in it.

This scam text is similar to the Harbor Freight Pressure Washer below-

Scam Text Format:

Wells Online Alert Text Scam Account On Hold or Locked

Some people might think that the text is genuine and may fall victim. It is a phish text.

Inform family and friends so they don’t fall prey to this fraudulent practice. Below are some of the reviews by victims of the Cyber Selective Deals scam email.


From our research, It is clearly that the Wells Fargo Account is a scam text just like E1UPS, Oral B Decay scam wrap text, Apple decactivation, Evri Parcel Delivery which leads recipients to a phishing website. Recipients are advised not to click on the link and to delete the text. If you have received this scam text and have submitted your details, Contact your bank for help. Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section.

Beware Of The Wells Fargo Account Email!! It’s Not Genuine! (Reviews 2023)

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