Oral B Decay Scam Car Wrap Text (2022) Scam!! Beware!

Did you receive a text from Oral B Decay Scam Car Wrap? Beware! It’s a scam text that leads you to a phishing website. The text tells you that Oral B would like place decay on your Car, Bike, or Truck and get paid $500 per week….

Do you want to find out if this text is scam or legit? This review exposes why you should be cautious.

Oral B Decal Scam Car Decal Wrap Text: What Is It?

The Oral B Decay Scam text is scam text sent by online scammers that leads you to a scam website and phishing website where the receiver’s personal details, credentials and financial data are stolen. Don’t be deceived! To avoid being scammed, recipients are advised not to click on the link, delete the text and block the sender.

The link contains spywares, malwares, viruses, that are harmful to your device and can hack and destroy your systems.

Scam Text Format:

Oral B Decal Scam Text

The scammers will ask their victims for their Names and Address and then sent a check to them asking their victim to catch the check, collect their share and sent the rest to a graphic designer. Unfortunately the fake check will bounce back and the victims are left to pay back the bank including other charges. The already sent money to the graphic designer will go to the scammers. Beware!

Some people might think that the text is from Oral B and may fall victim. It is a phish text. Inform family and friends so they don’t fall prey to this fraudulent practice.


From our research, It is clearly obvious that Oral B Decay Scam Car Wrap is a scam text just like E1UPS which leads recipients to a phishing website. Recipients are advised not to click on the link and to delete the text. If you have received Oral B Scam text or similar text, do well to share your experience in the comment section.

Oral B Decay Scam Car Wrap Text (2022) Scam!! Beware!

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