DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam | Fake Alert!!! 2022

Do you have the habit of ordering items online? Have you received DPD Missed delivery text scam showing DPD Delivery number and parcel awaiting your action? If yes, be aware it is a scam. Stay with us and read this review to know about this parcel tracking text scam and the next action to avoid becoming a victim of online scam.

Three to five of us have had scam delivery companies texts over the past year. The intension of these text message scams is to lure the recipient into providing personal or financial information. Then, request for £1.50 a postage fee.

DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam: About It

It is a recent mode of operation use by scammers as they disguised to be legitimate shipping company, sending DPD Delivery text claiming a shipment awaiting you or incorrect delivering details. These messages often appear with a link that if click on will direct you to a scam website or you giving out some personal identifiable information such as account passwords, debit cards number and others. 

DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam
DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam

DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam: What To Do?

The following things are what you can do to ascertain the message and to avoid DPD Missed Delivery Text Scam.

  • If you are not certain of any shipment, kindly delete the message to avoid clicking on them.
  • Report to the impersonated company, by that, they can investigate the activity and help to protect other people.
  • Keep security software up to date and be careful of unknown DPD Parcel Delivery Text Scam.


This kind of scam is called phishing. It can come in the form of text messages or contact. So, recipients are advised to contact the company ‘s customer service first and most importantly, never click on the provided link in the message. By our search, we have come across similar ones check to read.

Are you a victim of the fake text scam? Kindly reach out to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC [email protected]).

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