Pooph Reviews 2022: Does This Pet Odor Remover Work? Or Is It A Scam? Find Out!

The pet odor remover that takes stink out of the equation. Are you wondering if the product is legit or scam? This review is eye opener for you to make the right decision.


Pooph Odor Removal For Pet: What Is It?

Pooph odor remover for pet claims to take away stink instantly and permanent. And that it is amazingly powerful and safe for people and pet.

Features Of Pooph Odor Removal

  • Instantly Dismantles Odors On A Simple Basis
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Fragrance Free
  • Safe For People, Plant, Pets And The Planet
  • Clear, Odorless, Non Staining
  • Works Instantly

Things To Know About Pooph:

Customers Complaint:

The pet odor eliminator has positive reviews online. It has 3.9 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

False Advert:

Many customers said that the odor remover for pet is ordinary water and does not work as claimed. On Pooph website the product is said to be very effective. Below is a review by a customer.

I have a scumbag dog that lifts his leg on everything, including my brand new couch. After I clean up what I can I sprayed it and it still smells like urine. Does not remove the stain either.

By Meh

Does This Pet Odor Remover Really Work?

Base on our research and reviews made by customers who have used the product, It clearly shows that it does not work as it claims. It is not as effective as it was advertised on the official website.


Pooph pet odor eliminator has good trust score. Although cannot be recommended by us. just like products Hurricane. Gogo AC. Customers are advised to make thorough research before placing order. Have you used Pooph odor removal for your pet? You can share you experience in the comment. Or do you know a better product? Also share with us on the comment section.

15 thoughts on “Pooph Reviews 2022: Does This Pet Odor Remover Work? Or Is It A Scam? Find Out!

  1. Was hoping this would be all it claims. Pet urine is invasive and permiates thruough cleaning. Best thing friends and we use is OdoBan. It’s a disinfectant that can be diluted and used in laundry also. Honestly is the best thing we have found for urine. Spray, wait 10 min, wipe or dab dry. Problem is urine penetrates wood, furniture and carpet padding. Animals return to the same spots and it continues. But for $10 a gallon, not $35 like Nature’s Miracle, which claims won’t work IF you have used any other product prior to application. We did the Vinegar baking soda combo first. OdoBan is a disinfectant, inhibits mold and mildew, and virucide. Check it out.

  2. I purchased POOPH to remove skunk odor from my dog. I had tried many other methods before buying this product. However, it didn’t work as promised. It did reduce the smell but it did not remove it. I did apply the POOPH a second time but a faint smell still remained.

  3. Ha ha ha hahahaha ha!
    Any one ACTUALLY had a dog who had been sprayed by a Skunk?

    Yeah… I thought not.

    There is nothing.
    NOTHING that can take away one of Natures most offensive defense chemicals.


    Been there, stunk like a Skunk for weeks after!

    1. Our dog still smelled of skunk a YEAR later!!!! He was sprayed at the neck and since he was an Alaskan Malamute his coat was incredibly thick. Spent a fortune on tomato paste ad ketchup to no avail. One soap did work however, eucalyptus oil sap, all natural, safe and effective.

    2. i had a dog that was sprayed by a skunk, it had a yellow stain on its chest. skunk spray is a sulfer compound. i washed him with peroxide and baking soda solution , it helped but didn’t completely remove the smell.

    3. My dog was sprayed by a skunk a few years ago. Since I knew from experience that vinegar (full-strength) removes cat urine smell, I poured about half a gallon straight from the jug all over my dog’s back and rubbed it around her face. I let her air dry. The next day I gave her a bath to remove the lingering vinegar smell. No skunk smell remained. The vinegar did not hurt her at all.

    4. If your dog gets skunked, best thing is to shave the dog before it gets wet. Skunk odor stays on the surface of the fur till it gets wet.

    5. I have used a product that hunters use to mask certain odors and was desperate when our dog got skunked. The spray was earth / accord spray and it worked!!! I use it every time he gets skunked

  4. I attempted to post this review on their website but they won’t allow it because it relates to customer service. They said to contact customer service for those issues; let’s think about that for a minute. The problem is with customer service so cont act customer service instead of leaving a review about the absence of customer service. Bad company. Had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get the product to ship. Then they stated they would refund the $5.95 priority processing fee but never did that either. Won’t answer their phones or return messages. Won’t respond to emails and don’t fullfi their promises. Product does not work on dog urine either. Bottles were not sealed when shipped so a lot of the product was lost in the bubble wrap. Do not do business with these people.

  5. Didn’t work on cat urine, no matter how I cleaned first. Seems like I was sold a bottle of purified water, as it fails to work on anything at all! Tested it repeatedly on other odors, but always the same lack of any result. Just makes things wet.

  6. I have tried everything believe me everything for my dogs urine but not about to try this pooph! Sounds like a real scam to me…skunk really???? The best product for urine is not made anymore by GM ? GE I can’t remember anymore. Now I use Woolite advanced plus sanitize. It smells but all smells go away. I just spray on area and leave it. I also clean my carpets ever year!

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