Olympus4x Reviews 2022: Scam Website! Don’t Invest

This website is located at Olympus4x.com is one of the trending scam USDT or cryptocurrency trading platform. Online users are advised not to visit the website let alone create account.

Olympus4x.com: How The Website works

The Olympus4x scam website that is located at Olympus4x.com is a fake cryptocurrency websites that is used by online scammers to trick online users by tricking online users to create an account and invest. Unfortunately, After investment have been made on Olympus4x com website, Users are unable to withdraw their money. The cyber criminals promises high return on investment but it’s only a fantasy to lure their victims into investing their money. Beware! Do not be deceived.

If the return on investment looks too good to be true, it is definitely not true. Remember the popular saying that if looks too good then it is not true.

The website was registered on 26 May 2022 and as a result has not passed the test of time. Newly registered websites can’t be vouched for as there is no previous history. Also, Newly created websites are used mostly by online scammers in their fraudulent practice.

Investors who have fall pry this scam investment platform left reviews online. Below is a reviews by a victim-

It was difficult to withdraw my money and whenever I try they ask for more money, I was furious and I decided to file an altercation with https://bit.ly/3y0MpPW and I got the help I deserved

By Naomie


From our research, It is is obvious that Olympus4x.com is not a genuine investment website just like Ezifund, Top target, usdtqmark, usdtkcoin, ustdlonim, Polarisbitlimited, Uschltd, Cryptomip. Online users are advised not to visit or invest on the website. Have you invested on this or similar website? Do well to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Olympus4x Reviews 2022: Scam Website! Don’t Invest

2 thoughts on “Olympus4x Reviews 2022: Scam Website! Don’t Invest

  1. The company Olympus4x looks scam company. After open account, company callers keep pushing to fund more and more money. After few weeks website is not accessible for login in to account. Talk with one company caller, said company has update their website so he will send new link for login but after 10 days nobody send link. Company callers email doesn’t look valid. i tried to send email but not delivered. Scam don’t invest money.

  2. WDCMARKETS is a big scam, I invested a lot of money in this company and everything was going good until I said I wanted to withdraw and all my money was gone. I paid 240,000 Euros, they won’t allow me to withdraw any of my money out, I email them everyday, once you put money in, you can’t get it out. I finally was able to get my money back with the help of a recovery chargeback service done by ([email protected]). His reliable chargeback firm, you can contact him if you need, He can help you get your life back like he did for me, I guess this information may be useful.

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