Ryabe Reviews 2022_ Trusted Clothing Site? Or Scam[READ]

Do you want to know about Ryabe clothing shop? Considering some new clothing from Ryabe.com? Stay with us and carefully read this review to find out about the e-commerce store if scam or legit.


About Ryabe.com

Ryabe.com also called Ryabe is an online store that deals on women’s clothing. The shop has on their collection like tops, casual dress, sweater, cardigans, sleeve etc.

What is more, the store offers special benefits such as 40% OFF and free shipping over $79.

Email: [email protected]

Featured collection
Featured collection

In addition, the online store accepts all major payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, JCB, Maestro, and American Express. Further, their delivery time is 35 days while return policy is stated within 30 days.

At the same time, read more details about the store, check the benefits and drawbacks by examining the section below.

The Benefits Of Ryabe

  • The site uses HTTPS security
  • Variety of products for buyer to select
  • Discounts are available on all items

The Drawbacks

  • Store’s trust score is poor
  • The site has not gathered any review on external sites
  • Owner’s information is not available
  • Delivery period is long

Further info about the site, we discovered other red flags about the store. Kindly check the other reasons below.

Ryabe.com: What You Must Watch out Before Ordering

The website Ryabe.com appears to offer different clothing items, but there are other variables to consider before ordering from an online store. Thus, the following points will help further if the store is legit.

Suspicious Discounts

The discount prices on the website are too good to be true. These are red flags showing that the store is only drawing attraction for shoppers. However, it is a bait and switch scam.

No Contact Number

The site has not mentioned any contact number on its website. This is questionable and shows that the site is hiding its information from its buyers. Also, it is suspicious as a genuine store always provide accurate information on the website. This is an indicator that it is not a reputable store.

No Contact Address

The site has not provided its contact address on its website. This is also questionable and shows that the site is hiding its information from its buyers.

Contents Quality

The store has copied most of its contents like product images from another questionable online store.

No Social Media Presence

The site has no social media platforms on its website. Trustworthy stores always link social networking platforms to its website for further information.

Customers’ Ryabe Reviews

Most importantly, we suggest that shoppers read customers’ Freelywear reviews first. This speaks more on the products, as reviews are based on real experiences that help in learning about the online store — sale services, delivery process, and product quality.

As part of the search, the shop has provided positive reviews on its official website. Regrettably, there are mixed customers feedbacks on third party sites like TrustPilot.

Read what customers are saying:

Do not order! This company is fraudulent. The website indicates that the clothing is made in South Carolina and would be shipped from South Carolina. In fact, I received only a partial order of two tops, made in China. In addition, I have two bills on my credit card from Ryabe. I never would have placed an order for items from China. I am now waiting for the remainder of my order and will report this company for its deceit.

Barbara Cecere

Do NOT purchase anything from this company! I bought a dress online and when it was delivered the quality was completely different than the image. Then when I tried to return the dress ($56 USD/ $74 CAD), they told me they would refund me $5. Ha. They are scammers and operating a fraudulent business.

Shiri Rosenberg

What is more, the store is not linked to social networking platforms, by that, we could not ascertain its customer relations.

Is Ryabe.com Legit? Or Scam

To clarify Is Ryabe.com Legit, the site has gained red flags — high threat score, low trust score and mixed customers feedbacks.

Final Thoughts:

Ryabe shop sells unique and fashionable women’s apparel. However, the shop legitimacy is questionable for reasons mentioned above just like Zachics, cosylon . So, we would advise buyers to steer clear from this website as it customers’ feedbacks are mixed.

Have you shopped from this store? Kindly write us your experience on the comment section below. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Ryabe Reviews 2022_ Trusted Clothing Site? Or Scam[READ]

  1. Not happy with my order! The dress I ordered did not fit at all – the dress I got did not look like it looked on the model. It is very cheaply made. I would like to return it, but I have not been able to get any information back on how I could return it. I could not find any customer support number or address for the company, I would not advise anyone to buy from this company.

    1. I contacted their customer service to return my order because like you I was not satisfied with my items. They offered to refund me $14 and keep the items. I said I wanted to return them. The return address is in Dubai and would cost between $45 and $80 to return to them. They would then refund my purchase but at that point I would still be out of pocket for the items. I will donate them and never buy from this company again.

  2. Is this a company for other companies to hide in. I had ordered a wig from MineWig, which I had trouble with, the contact number was for Ryabe. I can’t get help, first I didn’t get it, after turning them in, I got it in a couple days. It was horrible on me, on I have no way to return it, cost was high, over $250.00. Lost in scam space.

  3. I never received my order..Said it was wrong address but I had ordered other things at same time and address was ok…They have been paid $90.23, but I have not received any money back.

  4. I ordered from this company a month ago and still have to received package. I last checked tracking and it was still waiting at ups for label to be printed. Still waiting. The email provided to contact them, can not find how to contact customer care.

  5. Do not buy from them. It’s a rip off. I purchase a blouse for 39.99 and it looked something I wouldn’t pay 10 dollars for.they offered me 15 dollars and keep the blouse.I’m taking it to the Goodwill!

  6. I want to return a dress I bought for a wedding. It was not like the model and very cheaply made. I went to the customer service website and could not find a link to ask for a return number. After reading some of the reviews I doubt I will be getting any kind of refund.

  7. I purchased a dress that was too large and wanted to exchange it for a smaller size. The reply was I would have to pay an additional charger for shipping $16.00. I asked why the mailing label which was under there mailing label was in Chinese? I asked why they advertise made in S Carolina? Answer was most of the items sold were from S Carolina. Do not buy from Ryabe they are falsifying where products are from.

  8. I wish I hadn’t ordered from them they’re a con and no way to contact them only if you pay to talk to someone I haven’t received my order or when to expect it

  9. I ordered a dress the print wasn’t the same as in photo, fabric was cheap didn’t fit right and no packing slip with info to return. I went to my original order email wanted info how & where to return it. The offere me $15.00 I paid $68.72 I replied no i want to return & refund. They replied theyd give me $25.00 & keep the dress. I said no I want tovreturn and a refund it’s been 3 days & no response. They are scammers…I will never order from them & reporting to Better Business Bureau

  10. May 27 – ordered two tops – Total $80.98.
    June 10 – received order.
    June 11 – requested to return one top ($47.99) as I didn’t like the cut on me and it wasn’t an issue of size. If I had tried it on, I never would have bought it.
    June 17 – received offer of $13 compensation and I could keep the item.
    June 20 – received offer of $21 compensation and I could keep the item.
    June 25 – received email and I quote “Sorry, US$24 is our best offer as compensation, could you accept it? It’s not worth to return it.” and they finally did give me an address!
    There were emails from me to them on June 14, 19 and 22, that are not referenced in the above timeline .
    I researched the return address and it seemed sketchy. I was concerned that returning the item, at my cost, had the real possibility of not being received by them and then I’m out more than the $47.99!
    June 27 – I decided to accept their lame offer of US$24 and I will donate the item.
    Their customer service is a joke and doesn’t exist. The ONLY way to communicate with them is through email. It is exhausting! From placing the order to resolution it was a month of back and forth.
    And this line that is included in every single email “Anything we can do for you, Please feel free to contact us via” their email – are you kidding me?!
    Thankfully, I did like the one top, but that turned out to be an expensive tank top!

  11. I placed an order for an aqua shrug bulky knit sweater…received a cheap knock off, not even the same color and cheap thin sweater material. Trying to return it.
    Says made in South Carolina in the ad.
    Shipped from 3 California addresses.

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