Reviews 2022- Not A Genuine Shop!

Are you looking to buy garden decors from If yes, carefully read detailed reviews to know why you should not shop here.

What is Troglye?

Troglye also known as is an internet store that sells garden decorations, halloween and wreath. The store is offering items at affordable prices and free shipping worldwide.

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Additionally, the online store accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal etc., as their payment options. Also, their delivery time is within 12 to 20 days and 14 days return policy.

What We found about

  • The trust score of the store is poor
  • Negative feedbacks detected online
  • The domain name is very recent
  • Owner’s information is not available
  • Social media connections are not linked to the website

Kindly see the more red flags below —-

Why Is Not A Genuine Store

The website appears to offer beautiful garden decorations, but other variables are to be considered before ordering here. Thus, the following points will help further.

Copied Contact Address

The Troglye website has mentioned a pirated address on its website, and this address number appears fake as it is not where it claims to be located. It is a different business and not this sham.

Contact Number Not available

The internet store does not have any contact number on its website. This is questionable and shows that the site is hiding its information from its buyers. Also, it is suspicious as a genuine store always provide accurate information on its website.

Anonymous Owner

In the search to know the business owner, we found the identity of the owner is rightly missing and nothing can be excerpted from it as Scamdoc pegged it unknown. So, buyers beware!

Unavailable Social Media Presence

The store has not mentioned any social media platform on its website. Trustworthy stores always provide social networking platforms to its website for further information. Too bad for a so-called online store.

Copied Content Information

The Troglye store has copied most of its contents, like return policy and product images from another questionable online store.

No Good Reviews

Regrettably, buyers who have attempted buying items are sorry for themselves for doing business with this online store. They are not satisfied with the website sale services. Beware! You wouldn’t get what you ordered from this store.

Concluding Thoughts:

Troglye online shop claims to deal on different garden decorations. However, the online store has not shown to be a genuine website. Beware! Don’t place high expectation on this website.

Do you have any item from this store? Kindly write us your experience on the comment section below. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “ Reviews 2022- Not A Genuine Shop!

  1. I ordered a garden planting house for $76.99 on September 25. I received a confirmation for that item a couple days later, and the payment hit my bank. I was provided a tracking mechanism showing shipment from China. 22 days later I received a very gaudy mini purse mirror in my mailbox. I have emailed the company asking for either a refund or shipment of the item I ordered. I probably will not receive an answer, so will have to açcept that I paid $76 for trash. This company is a scam!!!!!

    1. I had the same experience. They charged me a second time for the purchase a few days ago!

      Reporting them to my credit card company as fraudulent.

  2. I ordered a “Nature Cedar Garden Bed” and received a reply showing My Order # and a tracking #. After a month of waiting the tracking system stated that I did receive my order in my morning mailbox. My order should have been of the large size in square footage brought by truck, but instead I found a small package containing a very cheap inexpensive compact mirror. Was I ripped Off, probably. I was able to Reply to Troglye through their initial correspondence and will have to wait and see. BEWARE BEFORE PURCHASING.

    G. Farren says:
    October 31, 2022 at 10:18 pm

    I ordered a product from this company and paid for it via VISA. I’ve written this company two times explaining that I had not received the Order that I purchased and asking for a Refund. My email to Troglye has been returned stating that it is undeliverable. No further response from them. (In my opinion) This is a FRAUDULENT COMPANY! (In my opinion) DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM.

  3. Site and company are complete frauds. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Not only did I not receive the product I ordered but they most likely attempted to run a number of additional transactions on my card for nearly $1250+ which fortunately the bank flagged as fraudulent.

    Avoid this company like the plague.

  4. Different web names for the same cedar beds on FB.

    I received no confirmation # for my $68 order. Called credit card company right away as the fee posted and eventually went through. I have still not received any product but have a dispute started and updated my dispute today.
    Definitely a scam.

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