Ts.zpm-coin.com Reviews 2022: ZPM Scam Website! Don’t Invest

This website is located at Ts.zpm-coin.com is one of the trending scam USDT or cryptocurrency trading platform. Online users are advised not to visit the website let alone create account.

Ts.zpm-coin website

Ts.zpm-coin.com: How The Website works

The Ts.zpm-coin scam website that is located at Ts.zpm-coin.com is a fake cryptocurrency websites that is used by online scammers to trick online users by tricking online users to create an account and invest. Unfortunately, After investment have been made on Ts.zpm-coin website, Users are unable to withdraw their money. The cyber criminals promises high return on investment but it’s only a fantasy to lure their victims into investing their money. Beware! Do not be deceived.

If the return on investment looks too good to be true, it is definitely not true. Remember the popular saying that if looks too good then it is not true.

Investors who have fall pry this scam investment platform left reviews online. Below is a review by a one of the victims of scam Ts.zpm-coin.com website-

This is a scam site, which collects money in the name of “Seconds future contract” into the crypto market and promises big returns. They make you believe by showing you that their predictions are coming right and people are making money. Once you put the money, and start the profit plan, things will first look green with you account balance increasing rapidly. But when you want to withdraw the same is when the problem starts, they ask you to pay more money in one form or the other stating its tax, commission, risk removal of money laundering, insider trading suspect deposit, tip etc. but you will not be able to withdraw the money in your account. Similarly they keep opening new domains every month and change names in Telegram to cheat people. One example of this groups new identity is “Trade.lno-coin.com” they are the same. They have a bunch of 7-8 people in the group they create who are the only once who participate in the conversation and so called “trading” and act as if they are not aware of anything. The same person operates multiple accounts and also different domains like the advisory assistant and the customer support assistant. Big cheats and have lost my hard earned money.

By A Victim


From our research, It is is obvious that Ts.zpm-coin.com is not a genuine investment website just like Ezifun, Top target, usdtqmark, usdtkcoin, ustdlonim, Polarisbitlimited, Uschltd, Cryptomip. Online users are advised not to visit or invest on the website. Have you invested on Ts.zpm-coin or similar website? Do well to share your experience with us on the comment section.

Ts.zpm-coin.com Reviews 2022: ZPM Scam Website! Don’t Invest

30 thoughts on “Ts.zpm-coin.com Reviews 2022: ZPM Scam Website! Don’t Invest

  1. Same thing to me, i have invest 1400 usd then trading start then now reflecting big fund 4lac usdt , then now i going to fund withdrawal they are asking 76k usdt pay commission then your fund will be released.. i have request to him for it big amt for me .. then they is tolling me plz pay 10k usdt then release.. request to you cyber crime plz arrange for my refund invested amount.

    1. This is exactly wot happen yo me as well , I am still going thru this phase however i am going to get off the scammers as i have lost abt 2lkh , my hard earned money . god will have the writings in his books. Shame less creatures.

    2. Can anyone help me on how to take money back from ZPM account. I have asked to invest first, trade and made profits but now unable to withdraw as they first asked for commission and tax and asking to pay more tax. Help required.

    3. Same thing happened to me. I invented 3000 and then they asked to pay 2000 as commission. And after that they again asking me to pay 1300 as tax before withdrawal. How anyone can pay tax without having profit in his hand !!!. That way i lost 5000usdt almost 5 lakh or above. I trapped in this fraud too!! Help me to recover if possible.

    4. The same situation is mine, I have invested 400usdt, mene friends se loan liya tha, but now fund is 1100 usdt so they told me that first u give me 240usdt as commission after u will able to withdraw ur fund, but now I’m searching some articles and news about zpm coin website now I’m realise that Im trapped with scammers, if my money not withdraw I’m going something babd my self, because I’m not able to pay friends payment.

      1. I also lost my 1 lac money. Please no one visit this site,and not visit any this type of group in telegram or whatsapp also

  2. yes, same thing was happned with me, they have requested pay commission which is very huge amount and i release it is scam, because they beggining not give us any condition but when you withdrawal it will difficult.

  3. Yes. Same thing happened to me too. First they allow me to withdraw $100. then I made deposit of $200 . they did some trick trade and shomed me account balance of $ 3580. I initiated withdrawal . which is pendin for 5 days. they are askin me to pay $ 1000 agent commission.

  4. Yes, same thing happened to me also. First they ask me to start with minimum $250. I started the trading and I earn nearly $26000 usdt. Now when I asked to withdraw they are asking for 30% as a commission of that amount it’s nearly $7000 udst. First I have to pay the commission then they can release the fund they are saying. The create group on telegram which name is “BTC-VIP242” there only 5-6 people are trading and if you check there profile photos it’s like any type of Models (Male and Female). Even they are sharing the screenshot like I paid the commission of 300,000 Rs. and now waiting for my withdrawal but no one show the actual profit picture there. just while writing this review one girl comment on the group like I paid the complete commission and I received the profit, when I asked her to show me the profit then she saying my husband said don’t share bank information with stranger, I reply her I am just asking the withdrawal amount you withdraw from ZPM account to Binance account but no reply from her.
    And most important there will be no one mobile number on the telegram account I checked each and every one member in that group every where “unknown” only instead of username or number. Ok , we can consider some people won’t share there number or name but each and everyone in that group don’t have either username or number.
    Cyber crime must be take the serious action against such scams there are not a small thing, and each group related to the directly from Chines there number staring from +852… like this. when you try to call them you won’t get any answer. they will do only chat on telegram or whatsAPP group.
    The worst thing is that they are using the innocent people contact number how never used the whatsAPP or don’t have the Android phone such type on contact number they are using. They added me one more WhatsAPP group, there I try to call some of the number but it’s totally wrong number. On group there name is different and when I called that number some other people are lift the phone and talking and the same time theses people are doing the trading on the ZPM software. In the WhatsAPP group I try to call 10-12 number but some them out of service some are lift the phone but they don’t know anything about this. In that group where more than 70 member which name they given as “BITCOIN WEALTH GROUP Y58” I found only three correct persons, one from Pune(Maharashtra) and other two from Tamil Nadu. I contact them and told them about this fraud. One more number I try to call some old man lift the call but he only know the tamil language, but I don’t understand. So, I share that number with one of the person from Tamil Nadu, that guy also try to call them but they not answer the call. We just want to tell them that by using there phone number some cheaters are cheating the innocent people.
    But we didn’t say anything in that group if we ask more question they are removing them from that group like that they remove the Pune and Tamil Nadu guy. So, I am just watching that group if any new person I saw there doing trading I am directly calling them and altering them about this fraud. If they are real then they answer the call and understand the thing and if that number again one of them then they won’t lift the call or that number will be out of service, they just showing other people to look some new persons are doing the trading or they earning the good amount. By seeing them other people get encourage and get stock in that trap. I also got stuck with the investment of $250, but thank god I didn’t moved further more with more money to pay them as a commission of $7000.
    Finally I request to the people is that just careful before doing anything like this. If you are doing trading them go total details of that if you get clear all your doubt them only you proceed but not with the ZPM. Then company which don’t have there professional email id also in that ZPM APP contact us section.


    1. Hai, i had the same doubt before investing. They contacted me from telegram. But many users show huge profits. Please can you let me know. Thanks

    2. Dear people… please do your own investigation before investing.. ! If you have also fallen victim to this scam, click to file a report to MACEN FORENSICS tECH,.. ZPM IS A SCAM

  5. How to get money back from zpm coin trading , i paid commission but to withdraw they are asking need to pay the Tax to Indian govt ..so i saw this today …alomost lost 5L+ …how to file a case on these cheaters

    1. you need to contact the national cyber crime cell. just search online you will find there website. keep a backup of all your telegram conversations with ZPM

  6. guys even after paying the commission or tax or whatever you won’t get ur money back thats for sure.
    the whole site is made up of cheaters and they are international

  7. This is 100% scam site. Trading assistant name is Joanne (Fake Name), Mr. Simon (Fake name), BTC Investment Analysis etc. They are cheating people…they have different mobile app and website….now website zpm-coin is stopped. They have several people and participating in grouping trading and shared trading profit photographs to make confident to other participants. Money increase so high within short period of time….when you go for withdrawal, you need to pay 20% commission, 30% tax…after that when you go for withdrawal money will not reach to your account. When you go for query, they will inform that you account is involved in money laundering activity….then they will ask you to pay 1000usdt/2000usdt etc. After paying this, when you go for withdraw, you account will freeze….then you will shock. After paying this is much money you will be under serious problem….they will ask you to pay margin deposit to thaw your account….again your all money will come back to your trading account, but you cannot withdraw your money. These are fake money. Your deposit is real money and this will go to their own account and same amount will show in your trading account. In this page, a large number of people lost their money. There. all together should make a forum to find these fraud people and proper punishment should impose on them

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