Reviews 2022: Legit Bra Shop Or Scam? Find Out!


Do you want to buy Bra from website? Wondering if the store is genuine or scam? Read this review to know everything about Vckopter online store. Is It A Legit Website?

Vckopter online store otherwise known as is an online store that sells female wears like Bra, Bandage wrap, etc. Unfortunately, this store has a lot of drawbacks attached to it. Below are the red flags-

6 Reasons Why Is Classified Suspicious:

Customers Complaints:

Many customers gave Vckopter 1star rating expressing their unpleasant experience with the store. Some customers gave some negative reviews online. Below is a review by a customer-

This is a scam. I ordered bras from their site with a “100% customer satisfaction” claim. First of all, the sizing chart is totally inaccurate. I ordered my size indicated on their sizing chart, and it was no where close to fitting. I contacted their customer service e-mail address, and requested return procedures and return address since I can use these items.

I was required to send them photos of the items, invoice, and shipping label on the package. I believe that this is a ploy to discourage you from pursuing a return. Then they offered me a 10% discount if I was willing to keep the items because the return postage to China would be approximately $20. Nowhere on their website does the “100% customer satisfaction guarantee” mention anything about $20 return postage to a Chinese address.


No Business Address:

There is no address provided by on it’s website. As a result of this, Customers do not have means of reaching out to the store. Don’t you think that the people behind this store are hiding there identity? Beware!

Poor Customer Support:

The email address provided as “[email protected]” on is fake as mails sent to the address are not replied. The website failed to provide phone number. This is a red flag!

Lacks Security:

There is no trust seal from Norton, McAfee, etc. As a result, Customers personal and financial data are not secured. Also, Customers debit/credit cards details are not safe in the website.

No Social Media Presence:

In this contemporary social media era, Vckopter do not have an officual social media page as none was provided on their website. We searched and could not find any official social media page belonging to the store. Could it be that the people behind this store are afraid of being exposed on social medias?

Website Age:

According to WHOIS ( a domain checkers), Coramoon website was registered on 17 January 2022. Newly registered website can not be vouched for as there is no previous history.


From our findings,, just like, Ownkotis, are not trustworthy online stores. As a result of this, we cannot vouch for its authenticity. Hence, customers are advise to tread with caution.

According to FTC, fraudulent online stores is one of the most reported fraud categories in 2022. Reports online show that more than one thousand persons fall prey to this kind of scam monthly. This is as a result of unchecked advertising on social media, cheap prices, and unsecured payment systems.

If you’ve fallen prey to this kind of scam, kindly contact your bank for a chargeback.

Meanwhile, have you shopped from this online store? Was your experience pleasant or sour? Please let us know in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “ Reviews 2022: Legit Bra Shop Or Scam? Find Out!

  1. I just ordered from Vckopter on July 1, 2022 before reading the reviews. I will follow up on this purchase when I have received my 3 bra’s. Hopefully, I will be giving positive reviews.

  2. VCKOPTER bras, part of Segreat in China, is probaby the worst company to deal with! They guarantee 100% satisfaction but refuse to live up to their own customer service statements. After 8 weeks of back-and-forth emails, they finally offered a 60% refund – but would not state the exact dollar amount . They refused to pay for the return, despite their CS statement claiming the customer only had to pay postage “one way”
    The “fit” was ridiculous – despite following their sizing charts. How many full figured women can wear a “training bra”? The cups were barely big enough to hold a tennis ball. The lace was rough and the edges of the side/back panels were unfinished.
    My recomendation is RUN as far and as fast as you can for this terrible product.
    (I wish I had found a review prior to purchasing!!)

  3. My “business” with Vickopter is just like the customer complaint you have posted above except the offered ma a 20% refund. I suspected this was another chinese scam and I will be contacting my bank as of monday. I ordered on line and they have used several different names including Saywell.
    JC Anderson

  4. My experience with Vckpoter is similar to the other comments after receiving my two bras, which were cheaply made and definitely did not fit. Reaching out, trying to obtain a refund, has been impossible. In response to my original email for a refund I just told I had to take a picture of my purchase and a picture of the package with the address that they came from to see if I was entitled to refund. I did not have the original package, which was only a plastic bag. When I sent email explaining this I have not received a reply. I would advise anyone not to do business with this company

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