Do You Think Tlopa Toothpaste Is Worth Your Money? Find Out! (Reviews 2023)

Are you Looking for a quality product for sparkling teeth? Have you come across Tlopa Toothpaste? Do you want to buy Tlopa Toothbrush for teeth whitening? Are you wondering if this product is worth your money? This review is an eye opener for you to make the right decision.

Tlopa Toothpaste

What Is Tlopa Toothpaste?

Tlopa Toothpaste claims to thoroughly whiten yellow teeth, remove tartar accumulated on teeth, solve dental plaque, and bring a comprehensive and clean oral experience. Remove bad breath, relieve tooth sensitivity, gum bleeding, etc. The natural ingredients in the toothpaste are gentle and safe for daily use to support your overall oral health.

This product seem effective right? Read to know more about Tlopa Toothpaste.

How Does Tlopa Toothpaste Work?

Tlopa Ampoule Toothpaste Extract is very easy to use. It can be applied directly to a toothbrush for brushing, or to toothpaste for use with any toothpaste. It is easy to apply and evenly distributes on the teeth, easily targeting hard-to-reach areas where tartar may accumulate.


  • Triphala
  • Baking Soda
  • Xylitol
  • Citric Acid
  • Menthol
  • Galla Japonica

Advantages Of The Toothpaste:

  • Stops Bad Breath
  • It balances the Ph level in your mouth
  • It act as a mild abrasive that cleanses and polishes your teeth

Disadvantages Of Tlopa Ampoule Toothpaste:

  • It causes massive tooth sensitivity
  • Negative customers reviews

Does Tlopa Ampoule Toothpaste Really Work?

Base on our research,  This tooth paste may not work as advertised. It does not whiten teeth as it claimed. Below are reviews by customers-

Only used once but wow my teeth feels so clean will review again after using it for longer

By Customer

So I’ve been using this for 20 days -bought 2xboxes of 10. My mouth does feel cleaner and I can see some improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. However it does not work instantly at removing tougher areas of staining or problem areas as shown in product images. That being said I have noticed some improvement as stated before. I have 5 boxes on order from another seller and will persevere for that amount of time.
As I have read elsewhere that 5 boxes are recommended for best results.
So In summary does it do what it claims quickly? That would be No. Does it appear to be helping all be it with much slower results? Yes. I’m always sceptical about products claiming instant results, but I think If you are willing to accept that slow and steady wins the race then it appears to be worth a shot. Let’s face it – still cheaper than a dentist – and that’s if you can actually get one!!!

By Customer


From our findings, Tlopa Toothpaste has both positive and negative reviews online. Although, We can’t vouch for its authenticity and as a result it can not be recommended by us. Just like products like Hurricane. Gogo AC, Bionic Spot Light, Peptiva. Customers are advised to make thorough research before placing order. Have you used this products or similar product? You can please share your experience with us on the comment section.

Do You Think Tlopa Toothpaste Is Worth Your Money? Find Out! (Reviews 2023)

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