Hyperbolic Stretching Program Reviews 2022: How Does It Work?

Do you want to pay for Hyperbolic Stretching Program by Alex Larson? Are you wondering if this product is worth your money? This review is an eye opener for you to make the right decision.

Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching: What Is It?

Hyperbolic Stretching is the product of extensive research that includes ancient methods of Japanese stretching as well as the latest findings of Western science. This revolutionary program leverages the power of autonomic survival reflexes to unlock the hidden potential of your pelvic floor muscles, boost your muscle elasticity, improve your overall body control, and help you reach your full athletic potential.

Hyperbolic Stretching can help you improve your flexibility and movement in ways that dynamic and static stretching simply cannot.

This program seems nice right? Read to know more about Hyperbolic Stretching Program.

What You Get:

  • Main Guide: The Hyperbolic Stretching
  • Bonus 1: Full Side Split Video Series
  • Bonus 2: Full Front Split Video Series
  • Bonus 3: Dynamic Flexibility And Stretching
  • Bonus 4: Complete Upper Body Stretching
  • Bonus 5: Pike Mastery
  • Bonus 6: Easy Bridge
  • Bonus 7: 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus 8: Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Bonus 9: Free Liftetime Updates

Benefits Of This Program:

It teaches the following-

  • How to do full splits and high kicks in an easy way.
  • Precisely estimate the number of days you will need to drop into those full splits.
  • Avoid the single mistake that even experienced athletes make while stretching for static/dynamic flexibility.
  • Discover the secret to unleashing your full flexibility capabilities.
  • Discover the secret to increasing your muscle elasticity.
  • Discover the tricks to quadrupling core strength and overall vitality.
  • Learn a shortened stretching routine that even the busiest of people can use in the gym, at home, or wherever they happen to be.
  • Leverage improved flexibility to enhance physical skills, athletic training, and daily living.
  • Master a 3-second muscle contraction technique that will allow you drop into full splits, kick higher or strike advanced yoga poses.
  • Improve overall flexibility by stretching for just six minutes per week.
  • Learn an effective muscle warm-up routine that will maximize your muscle strength and competitive performance.
  • Incorporate a full-body flexibility regimen into your routine that will keep you flexible for the rest of your life.

How It Works:

The secret to Hyperbolic Stretching lies in the development of the pelvic muscle floor. Most people are unable to achieve full range of motion and reach their optimum level of flexibility due to a natural “survival reflex”​ that causes muscles to automatically contract when stretched. By targeting the pelvic muscles with the special isolation exercises detailed in Hyperbolic Stretching, you can, in effect, switch off this automatic tension reflex and open a whole new world of muscle elasticity.

Hyperbolic Stretching can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles in shorter time than conventional stretching regimen. To date, thousands of people have benefited from this effective program.

By learning the 8-minute flexibility trick, you will be able to do high kicks and split easily. Plus, your muscles will get stronger, not weaker compare to conventional methods of stretching


  • For Women
  • For Men
  • Price-$27


Base on our research, This 4 weeks program do not have much customers reviews online. The intense training might lead to severe body pains.

Things We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Follow

What We Don’t Like:

  • Risk Injury

Does This Program Really Work?

Base on our research, Hyperbolic Stretching Program has both positive and negative review. and as a result we can’t say for sure if it worth your money. Customers are advised to make proper research.


From our findings, Hyperbolic Stretching has 3.0 star rating on Amazon and is being advertised to be very effective, Unfortunately, We can’t vouch for its authenticity. Although, We are satisfied by out findings But, It can not be recommended by us. Just like products like Hurricane, Whirlpool washing machine. Have used this product or similar product? Please do well to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Hyperbolic Stretching Program Reviews 2022: How Does It Work?

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