Read Honest Review About Slimorypro- Read Before Buy!

Have gain a lot of weight lately? Did you come across Slimorypro Graphene Honeycomb for Vaginal Tightening & Body Shaping. Are you wondering if this product is worth your money? This review is an eye opener for you to make the right decision.

Slimorypro: What Is It?

Slimorypro is made from 100% nylon and claims to promote a healthy reproductive system and uterus aside from detoxifying the body and aiding in weight loss. It is also said that Slimorypro not require preheating or electricity to create heat sensations. It builds up heat in the abdomen and keeps it warm without leaking.

It is based on heat circulation and use multi-directional heat circulation to help users promote and unblock blood circulation.

This product seems effective right? Read to know more about Slimorypro.

Claimed Benefits:

  • It Prevents Accumulation of Fats
  • It Tightens the vagina & restores the pinkness
  • It Also Controls Metabolism
  • It Drain the lymphatic system
  • Buttock Lift
  • It Solve Gynecological diseases once and for all

How Does Slimorypro Graphene Honeycomb Vaginal Tightening & Body Shaping Briefs Work?

Slimorypro panties  contains graphene fibers, but also has anti-bacterial properties at the same time, It has a unique low temperature far infrared, can effectively promote the body’s microcirculation, improve the system metabolism, the elimination of toxins, Vaginal Tightening.


  • 100% Nylon
  • Can Be Washed With Machine
  • Sold At $9.49 on Amazon and $19.97 on it official website
  • Color: Pink, Black, Green And Skin Tone


  • Weight Loss
  • Improve Body Circulation
  • Detoxify The Uterus
  • Balance Mood And Reduce Negative Emotions
  • Prevents Water Retention In The Body
  • Reduces Toxic Metal Buildup In The Body


  • No Customers Review Online
  • Very Small

Does Slimorypro Really Work?

Base on our research, Slimorypro has many unique features. Although there are no customers reviews on Amazon or other popular review website and as result we can’t vouch for its authenticity.


From our findings, Slimorypro panties has positive reviews on its website Though the legitimacy of the reviews is not certain. And as a result it is not recommended by us just like other products like Hurricane, Whirlpool washing machine. Have used this product or similar product? Please do well to share your experience with us in the comment section.

Read Honest Review About Slimorypro- Read Before Buy!

4 thoughts on “Read Honest Review About Slimorypro- Read Before Buy!

  1. This is the email that I sent them that was included if any questions. For it to give me a message that it can’t be delivered.

    Requesting information on how to return an item that did not meet my expectations that purchased from your online website. The advertisement is on Facebook.
    The product information was misleading especially when it comes to the sizes. They are in their original packaging and not used.
    Please respond to this email with instructions on how to return this item with my original purchase amount and payment method.
    Thank you,
    Susan H.
    I will be contacting my bank to help me resolve the issue as I have tried to contact them several times.

  2. Hello guys !
    Since you couldn’t find a review. I post you one here .

    I purchased 3 pairs online.
    Took 3 week before, i received them.i was VERY disappointed when i got them .
    The company send them in a cheap packaging, untag of the larger is supposed to be. No manual instructions on how to wear them , how long and how to maintain , how to wash them for lasting effects.

    The material is thin. Even though is stretching, the hole for the leg are waaaay to tight. I recommend anyone to buy the largest size online because these are Chinese measurements.

    Customer service is awefulm No one call back or replying back ounce you drop a complaint.. tlhidle part is too short for the vaginal part received toxin.

    The pros now
    After with a full month before retrying to wear them. I spent 2 day wearing the underwear. The first day I didn’t feel anything. The second day. I came back from outdoor duty.

    As I lay on my sofa to relax. I felt a warm heat on my lower belly prolonged on my upper thighs and my adductors muscle. I’ve never felt a sensation so strong like that before.

    As the time passing the heat reach my stomach, my leg almost to my ankles. A bit my upper arm..This is was à wonderful feeling , I recently have a horrible vaginal infection. I can’t explain how this thing work correctly. But I expérience a Itch in the external skin of my private intimacy. What ever cause me itchy. This is seem coming like the side effect of detoxifying the panty do.
    It’s a cellular detoxification, lymphatic level.

    The effects prolong up to 6 hrs after i remove the plenty. My blood move into my veins, i felt my leg like never before.

    Even my buttock i felt it warmer. But the heat was much lighter there, Normally my skin temperature there always luckwark to fresh cold.. the temperature slightly boost there and on my hips.

    Even though their a lot of con’s.
    Is something, i would repurchase. I want at list 20 pairs of this panty and 4 body shape. To fully expérience the concept of graphene honeycomb tourmaline and ions . It is recommended to wear them minimum 30 days.

    But from som of the review I read on their official website, on Facebook and other place online, from personal user. It perform best after 90 days.

    Wich is logical because it take 90 days for organ rejuvenate. I also experienced better bowel. I feel a difference in my system digestive.o think is due to the heat equally.

    I been wearing them for 4 days. Wiith a day off in between. I wanna to make sure the effect was not coincidence of my outdoor duty. The effect seem to fade away as time come by too. I’m gonna see if this due by prolonged wearing.of the same panty.

    I will replace it by another one today. And notes my experience. . I think if you combine it with other method for detoxifying the body and a light activity that could duplicate the efficiency.

    I would try this in the 3rds weeks. Now I content myself of wear it only just to not mixed the signal and the vertue it supposed to deliver.

  3. Slimory is a complete scam! I’ve been waiting 27 days and it supposedly has been in a distribution center in the town I live for 21 days. So where is my order?

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